Compact Slitter

This compact, low-cost and high-accuracy slitter is ideal for foils 50μm or below in thickness and for narrow materials. It enables an accurate cutting by the design considered thermal expansion during operation to meet the needs for high-precision cutting quality.

Compact Slitter

The tension of slit tapes can be individually adjusted by choosing a friction winding specification model(patent granted).


  • The cutter shaft ensures μm-order accuracy.
  • Features automatic control for both electricity and hydraulic (pneumatic) pressure.
  • The tention and drive system are adjustable to the weight and legth of cutting material by the real-time monitoring system.
  • The loop-less and compact design which can be installed in a limited space with no pit is necessary.
  • Hakusan's original dancing mechanism is loaded for scrap processing that would affect quality.
  • Using a silent drive belt for oscillation and noise reduction.


Minimum sheet thickness 0.01mm
Maximum sheet width 310mm
Minimum cut sheet width 1mm