About Us


1958 Established Hakusan Kogyosho in Fuchu City, Tokyo;
Began development and sale of slitters for metal
1971 Began manufacture and sale of roll slitters
1973 Developed a pitless-type friction winding slitter
1986 Reorganized and changed the company name to HAKUSAN CORPORATION (Capital: 20 million yen);
Began development and sale of environmental measuring instruments
1987 Developed the battery-driven data logger LT-2001 for weather observation
1988 Developed the large-sized friction winding slitter with 1,300 mm width
1989 Developed the data logger LS-3000PtV that functions for one year with dry cells
1992 Developed an automatic tension control slitter
1995 Developed the ultra-small logger LS-8000SH with built-in GPS for structure exploration
1996 Received the order for a telemeter seismograph system connecting universities nationwide via communication satellite
1998 Developed the high-sensitivity seismic measuring instrument LT-9500 ; Adopted to the high-sensitivity seismograph network (Hi-net) for NIED*
1999 Developed the high-precision slitter for 10μm metal foil
2000 Received the order for a volcano observation network system upon the eruption of Mt.Usu
2002 Increased capital to 80 million yen;
Developed the ultra-small telemeter/logger LS-7000XT with dynamic range of 135dB
2003 Developed the 24bit high-sensitivity structure exploration logger LS-8200SD;
Won the Good Design Award for DATAMARK (Domain of New Frontier Design), a time-synchronized type multi-channel measurement network system;
Developed the highly extensible seismograph LX-7000 loaded with Linux for NIED* ; Adopted to the strong earthquake observation network
2004 WWon the Excellence Award of Tama Blue Award for “the time-synchronized type multi-channel measurement network system”
2006 Began sale of Earthquake Early Warning Devices
2007 Developed the strong-motion seismograph LX-8000 for NIED* ; Adopted to Digital Strong-Motion Seismograph Network (KiK-net)
Developed the strong-motion seismograph for Special Project for Earthquake Area; Adopted to Metropolitan Seismic Observation network (MeSO-net)
2009 Developed the Portable Earthquake Simulator "Jishin The Vuton"
2010 Developed the multiple slitter DA700 for battery materials
Began sale of "VissQ-Pro" (visual sensor system for quakes) which developed for tower buildings
2011 Developed the data recorder for Ocean Bottom Seismograph (OBS) with Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo
Won the Kuramae Venture Award for creating market and job through our business
2013 Developed packing machines which constitute the slitting system
Won the Highest Award of Tama Blue Award for “VissQ-visual sensor system for quakes”
2017 Formed a business and capital alliance with Tokyo Power Technology Ltd.
2018 Formed a business and capital alliance with SAP Japan Co., Ltd
2020 Established Hyper-Environmental Robots Laboratory (HERO Lab.)
Released "optical sensor seismic monitoring system" that enables highly accurate seismic measurement in extreme environments.
2021 Released "HERO Inner Mask" that reduces the stuffiness of wearing non-woven masks.

* NIED = National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention