Research & Development

Stance on research and development

We aim to continue as a company needed in society by creating businesses that contribute to worldwide earthquake disaster prevention using innovative technology. Whereas the social environment is changing at a dizzying pace, we do not dare to compete with others but take on challenges by selecting unique areas and issues that only we can handle. We will continue to create outstanding products that have never existed while practicing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management and improving profitability and corporate value.


We focused on creating an organization with an original perspective
that is capable of developing its own technology.

Hyper-Environmental Robots Laboratory

We are working on the development of robots and sensor technologies capable of replacing humans in an environment where humans cannot enter, such as high temperature or high levels of radiation.

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Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings

Project Story

Here, we introduce the results of various research and technological developments
and explain how HAKUSAN’s unique technologies were created.

  • earthquake motion simulators

    Integration of robotics and earthquake measurement technologydevelopment of earthquake motion simulators for worldwide earthquake disaster preventionFind out more

  • Optical sensor seismic monitoring system

    Challenges of sensing technology usable in extreme environmentsresearch and development of sensors using phase-shift optical interferometryFind out more