How to install

If you have a spare iPhone or iPad or iPod touch, don’t keep it in your desk but use it as a seismometer with iShindo application.
Here we show how to install your device (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) in your home.
Wi-Fi network in your home is preferable so that you can check how your home is safe after a shake anywhere you go out.

Installation site

To measure an earthquake precisely, put your device firmly on a wall of a room or on a pillar of your house.
Build-in furniture is acceptable for installation and you can avoid setting on a door of it.

  • a wall - Good!
  • unfixed furniture - NG!
  • a door of a shelf or a closet - NG!



  • [A]a spare iPhone※1
  • [B]USB cable
  • [C]Power supply adaptor
  • [D]Extension code
  • [E]Adhesive material (double-face tape)※2)
  • ※1 Set Wi-Fi ON.
  • ※2 We recommend the double-face tape that can be removed without any marks on the object (e.g. “3M Command Refill Strips”).
    [Product Info] ⇒  Command Refill Strips 

Installing Procedures


Put double-faced tape
on the reverse side of the device.

reverse side of the device


Press the device to put on a wall
or on the surface of fixed furniture

press the device


Connect the USB cable and the power
supply adaptor to the device.

power connection

※Use extension code if necessary.


Tap the iShindo icon on your device
display to start the application.


Made it!