iJishin - iPhone seismometer, anytime anywhere, measure and browse.

iJishin is a free application that makes your iPhone(iPad, iPod touch) change into a  seismometer and a data browser as well as a vibration analyser. You can upload   seismic information such as maximum acceleration, “SHINDO”(seismic intensity) , occurrence time, and so on, to open your observation to the public.

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iJishin also provide you an excellent tool to measure acceleration anytime anywhere on any occasion.

Feel vibration and  measure with iJishin!


iJishin draws full ability as a seismometer from iPhone(iPad, iPod touch). Also it provides tools for wave analysis.

iJishin uses acceleration sensors installed in iPhone(iPad, iPod touch) to measure earthquake vibrations. Signals of three sensors of the device are sampled with frequency of 100Hz and are given the time stamp every 0.01 sec strictly synchronized with UTC by using outer NTP server.

iJishin’s recording process starts/stops when the signal becomes larger/smaller than the triggering level. Allowance durations of the process can be set to save data before/after the signal  grows/attenuates to the threshold triggering level.

iJishin provides you several tools to display and to analyze quake data saved in your iPhone(iPad, iPod touch): not only a wave browser but also a graphical display of power spectrum, of integration such as velocity and displacement, and of the 2D trajectory of the device.

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