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Support page of "i-Jishin" application and web site

Thank you for your using "i-Jishin" application for iPhone, iPod and iPad.
We also thank you for your browsing "i-Jishin" web site*.

* At "i-Jishin" web site, you can brwose earthquake information uploaded by "i-Jishin" application and stored at the cloud server we are operating.

"i-Jishin" user's manual is provided at the following page.

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* The user's manual is same as the one included in the application.
But the user's manual here is updated without notice when needed.

Questions and feedbacks

Please send us your questions on "i-Jishin" application and web page by using the sending form as follows.
We would appreciate if you send us your comments on "i-Jishin".

We would like to answer your questions as individually as possible.
But if we could not do so we would like to add them into Q and A of i-Jishin near future.


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